Kirstie Bellman

Dr. Kirstie L. Bellman is a Principal Scientist in the Computer Systems Division and head of the Aerospace Integration Sciences Center (AISC), which she started upon returning to the Aerospace Corporation after four years at DARPA. AISC’s focus is on the development of advanced system and model integration methods, new analytic techniques, and evaluation tools for assessing the impacts of new technologies. While at DARPA, she extended the then new concept of Virtual Worlds to education, business and research environments. With a number of academic partners, she is also developing new mathematical approaches to the analysis of Virtual Worlds containing collaborating humans, artificial agents, and heterogeneous representations, models and processing tools. Lastly she has been working on reflective architectures that use models to manage their own resources and to reason about appropriate behavior. Recently with both national and international partners, she has been applying the above experience and methods to theoretical work and experiments on emotional agents, cyber-medicine applications, bio-computation, and “biologically-inspired” architectures and operating systems.